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We’re nixing the need to tinker with your 3D printer!

3D printing solutions that make your projects smooth as butter

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Throw Away the Blue Tape & Hairspray

We’re nixing the need to tinker with your 3D printer!

Get ready to be wowed! Imagine printing on your 3D printer without the hassle of removal and cleanup.

I Want Simplicity!

Durable & Long Lasting

Kapton and blue tape snuck their way into the industry standards, but we are voting to put an end to that inconsistent, temporary fix that lasts only a few prints. Our top-of-the-line 3D print surfaces are heat resistant and built to give you consistent restyles for a variety of filaments, even after several prints!

Design that Just Works

Finally… No more print and pray. With our 3D solutions, your prints just work! Thin, long-lasting, flexible surfaces made with bubble-free technology and heat-resistant material, our products are built for simplicity and full functionality.

Ease is our Muse

No complicated software or hardware needed! With a variety of sizes to choose from, the installation is quick and simple. Need to remove a plate? No problem! Our surfaces come off in one piece, leaving no residue behind.

Our Mission is to Help Your 3D Mission Go Smoothly

Un-Sucking the Sucky Parts of 3D Printing

Let’s face it… we get nerdy about 3D stuff. That is actually what drove us to create these products. We used to have a hassle with every. single. project.

Until we decided to change that! We chose to make 3D print solutions that just work. Period.

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It’s Time to Change up the 3D Space, People!

Can we all agree to stop settling for makeshift, tinkering solutions that last a few minutes… Make the switch to methods that work well, every time and for a long time.

I Want Simplicity!

Our Printing Solutions are State of the Art While Also Being Simple to Use

We’re pretty proud of these guys…

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